Thursday, April 15, 2010

stART ~ Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms

Welcome to  stART! I hope that you will enjoy our story and art project and maybe even share your own too.  All I ask is that you link back to A Mommy’s Adventures so that everyone can see all the other great projects that everyone shares too! The linky will be open all week.

I added a stART tab in my navigation bar to make it easier to search for past stART projects.  Be sure to check it out!!  All the books that we have read and did a stART project for are listed in alphabetical order.

 Fletcher and the Springtime blossoms

This week we have been enjoying Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms, by Julia Rawlinson.  This is fun story about a fox that is having fun enjoying all the sights and sounds of springtime, until he discovers some unexpected snow.  He decides that he must warn all the animals to get ready for the snow.  Finally, Fletcher gets a wonderful springtime surprise, the snow is actually beautiful  blossoms falling from the trees.  This book is beautifully written and illustrated and we are both so glad that we found this book during our recent trip to the library.

After reading this book together, I pointed out the tree in front of our house that has beautiful pink blossoms.  Emily keeps asking me when they are going to fall down like in Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms.  I can’t wait till she gets to see it snowing pink blossoms in front of our house!  She has also been noticing all of the beautiful trees as we are driving.  She actually points to them and yells “Mommy look and the beautiful blossoms!”  so for our project I knew that Emily would love making her own springtime tree full of beautiful blossoms!

Emily’s Springtime Blossoms 


First I painted her hand and arm with brown paint to make the trunk and branches of her tree.  She loves having her hands painted and giggled the whole time.


While we waited for the tree trunk and branches to dry Emily painted half of a piece of paper with blue water color (I made this by putting water and food coloring into a muffin tin and it worked so well and was so inexpensive too!)


Then she painted the other half green, her favorite color :0)

While we waited for these to dry we went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather!


When we came back in I cut out Emily’s hand and arm print tree and she glued it onto the green and blue paper.


Emily glued pieces of pink and white tissue paper to the branches of her tree.  Notice our blossoms through the window in the background of the picture, Emily kept checking it outside while she was working on her project!

Handprint Blossom Tree

Emily’s Handprint Springtime Blossoms




  1. It came out great!! I love Hand Print Art :)

  2. I LOVE how you used Emily's arm & hand for the tree trunk! We love doing handprint art too, what a clever idea to use both parts! Turned out VERY nice! :)

  3. We love this book. We did a book project with it last year. I'm thinking of doing it again because we enjoy the book so much.

  4. What a wonderful idea! You can see the joy on her little face!

  5. I'll have to add that to our library queue. Great craft idea!

  6. This sounds like a cute book and I love the arm/hand print tree to go with it.

  7. Great picture with the blossoming tree out the window behind Emily! I can't wait for our trees to blossom out. But I'm glad they've been slow, because now I have time to check this book out first :)

  8. This is very creative, I love the flowers in the background, perfect. Have a blessed day!!!

  9. I love tree art! Very cute!

  10. Our trees have already been "snowing" here in East Tennessee- in fact, that's what my son called it the other day!

    What a perfect springtime book and craft...

    (Oh, and I L-O-V-E that Miss Em looked out the window to make sure her tree blossoms were accurate- she's such the little artist!)

  11. oo this turned out so cute! I love that it looks like the one in your yard!

  12. Great project - it looks so bright and cheerful. Emily is such a great little artist.

  13. What a great project. We read that book a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it.

  14. We made an apple blossom tree last year with tissue paper like that but never thought of making a handprint trunk. Very cute.

  15. Just lovely. This is the best kind of artwork and soooo fun!

  16. Great project. I thought about doing something like this, but my little one is anti-getting dirty right now, and I didn't want it to fizzle. I will keep it in mind for the future.

  17. A handprint for the branches - of course! What a great idea! Just wanted to also let you know how much I still love your blog (even though I don't get to comment much anymore), and that I linked back to you on my Early Childhood Education page. You can view it here:

  18. Okay the blossoming tree looks just like her project, that is so cool!