Thursday, July 29, 2010


Welcome to stART! I hope that you will enjoy our story and art project and maybe even share your own too. All I ask is that you link back to A Mommy’s Adventures so that everyone can see all the other great projects that everyone shares too! The linky will be open all week.

I added a stART tab in my navigation bar to make it easier to search for past stART projects. Be sure to check it out!! All the books that we have read and did a stART project for are listed in alphabetical order.


Emily has really been enjoying just coloring on a plain piece of white paper with all of her different colored markers.  We have read Art, by Partick McDonnell many times before, however the other day when I saw it at the library I knew that this was the perfect book for this week’s stART project.  In this book a little boy named Art creates all different kinds of art.  It is a fun book to read and I love how it shows all of the different ways that you can create “Art” finally all of the lines, squiggles and dots turn into a recognizable picture.  At the end of the book all of the little boys creations are hung on the refrigerator because “Mother loves ART!”  I feel like this book is written for our family except instead of the refrigerator we hang all of our art with fun tack on a door in our kitchen :0)

Emily hard at work on her art:


Here are a few of the fun drawing that Emily created this week:  IMG_4620 IMG_4621 IMG_4622

Our Door of ART



Christy Killoran said...

We have a wall of art in our playroom, and the current art is displayed on the refrigerator. I have to look for this book; we haven't read it yet!

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful sounding book for us to explore! Thank you!

And your Art Door looks great :-) we have an Art Washing Line and recently did a couple of "real" canvases for the hallway. Love having their work on display!

Maggy x

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

This book sounds great! I like how you display Emily's art - we have a clothesline and a board in the kitchen, and they are usually full :)

Ticia said...

It's always wonderful when you find a book that perfectly describes your house.

Our art becomes wrapping paper.

April said...

I think the book sounds great, I'm going to see if our library has it! We usually hang out art on the fridge unless its really large (like this week's art). I love your daughter's drawings, they are very colorful and beautiful!

Mama to 5 said...

great job! We have the door of art too! the inside of our front door & the inside of our garage door! They are both steel so I use magnets to hang up my kids art work! Makes them feel special to see their art work hung up! :)

Brimful Curiosities said...

My daughter has her own art gallery. That's a fancy word for her drawings taped to our door. Maybe we'll all have to post pictures of our art doors...that would be fun.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Sadly, our library doesn't have Art. I'm going to have to put in a request for it!

Susana said...

I like your art door! Thanks for sharing this book. I've never heard of it, but will be checking it out.

Hope you and your family are all doing very well!

Charlene Juliani said...

Sounds like a great book! I have a box full of kids art and a line hanging in the kitchen and another will soon be hung in the little boys room. It's fun for them to see the stuff they made on display.

Unknown said...

LOVE the Door of Art- a fridge just isn't enough for such a creative kid as Emily!

Anonymous said...

oo so cute! Love the door of art!


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