Thursday, March 15, 2012

stART ~ 10 Little Rubber Ducks

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image This week I was the Special Reader for Emily’s Preschool class and I don’t know who was more excited about it, Emily or myself!   Emily and I picked out 10 Little Rubber Ducks, by Eric Carle to share with her class.  This book  was inspired by a real shipment of bathtub toys that fell off of a container ship and floated to various places.  In this story, 10 Little Rubber Ducks are made in a factory and packaged and shipped.  Then on their way over the water a fierce storm knocks a box overboard and into the ocean.  The 10 rubber ducks float in various directions until the 10th one finds a real duck and her ducklings.  I love the fun way that this book incorporates ordinal numbers, as well as directional words (over, under, north, south).  Emily, Juliette and I think Emily’s whole class LOVED the special squeaking sound that is on the last page of the book, it definitely adds a special touch especially when you are reading it to a group of kids!!

To go along with this book I set up a project for Emily to do when she came home from school.  I love Eric Carle’s illustrations so we made ducks in the ocean inspired by the cover of this book.

I gave the girls a  duck template (click on the picture above for a free download) that I drew on a piece of construction paper.  



First they glued on pieces of yellow tissue paper for the body and orange tissue paper for the beaks.


When they were finished the glued on a blue wiggly eye.


For the water Juliette decided to finger paint the piece of paper.  I gave them a few different shades of blue and some green to make it look like the picture on the cover.IMG_2079

Emily used the same colors, but she decided she wanted to use a brush.


When everything was dry the girls glued their ducks onto the water backgrounds.

IMG_2085Emily’s Little Rubber Duck

IMG_2082Juliette’s Little Rubber Duck

Juliette loved this project and was so proud of it, she asked if she could hang it in her room when it was ready!


Whitney said...

Oooh those came out great! They are so Eric Carle-y! I'm Whitney from Pen Pals & Picture Books and this whole stART idea is totally up our alley! Love it!

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle, I'm Robyn- the other half of Pen Pals & Picture Books. I'm so glad Whit discovered your site! It looks absolutely wonderful. It will be fun to start linking up! Your Eric Carle inspired ducks are fantastic! very cool book/activity.


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