Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Pinkalicious Party!!!

To celebrate Emily’s 5th Birthday she had all of her friends over for a Pinkalicious Tea Party.  I had so much fun scouring the internet for idea for this party and Emily had a great time celebrating with her friends.


The Birthday Girl all ready for her Pinkalicious Party


Our Dining room all decarated for a Pinkalicious Tea Party.

IMG_1949I used 2 tea sets, one set was my mother-in-laws and the other I received as a bridal shower gift. 


The table was decorated with the Giant Cupcake Birthday Cake



Pink Princess Wands


Marshmallow Cupcake Pops

These were so easy to make: Insert a lollipop stick into a large pink marshmallow and dip it  into melted pink chocolate.  Then add a red mini m&m and some silver decorators sugar crystals.  I wrapped them in chocolate lollipop bags and then we added them to the favor bags at the end of the party


The Birthday Girls Chair


We served bagels with pink cream cheese, pink lemonade and pink milk (strawberry milk).


Once all of our little guests arrived in their adorable pink outfits they sat around the table and I read the book “Pinkalicious” to all the girls.


Then they each decorated a white lunch bag with  stickers, markers and crayons.  Once they finished they also made pink bracelets.  I picked through all of our beads to include only the pink, red and white beads.  I was amazed with how long all of the girls worked on their projects.  They seemed to really enjoy this part of the party.


Next we served the bagels, pink lemonade and strawberry milk.  The kids were excited about having their own tea cups and we served the pink lemonade from the tea pots.


After lunch we went downstairs for a Pinkalicious Treasure Hunt

We filled two large buckets with rice, pink petals, pink pom poms and pink heart sequins.  Then I added in some special treasures for them to find.  Each girl had to find a hear lip-gloss ring, eraser, pink bubbles and a candy necklace kit.

We called the girls to come and they used their decorated bags to hold the treasures that they found.  This was a lot of fun and the girls really seemed to enjoy it.  Next time I would do it in a different container because some of the things were really hard to find because they went all the way to the bottom and they really had to dig. With 17 girls this took a bit of time.  But everyone had fun watching, playing and hunting!


Time for Birthday Cake!

This is one of my favorite pictures her smile is priceless, she was so happy the whole day.



After the cake the girls each went home with their decorated treat bag filled with the bracelet they made, the treasures they found in the rice along with the wand and marshmallow pops that decorated the table.

IMG_1965 Each treat bag also included a clip that my mom and I made from YummyFelts            IMG_1963 and these candy bags with the “True blue cure for Pinkititis.”

I found the printable topper from  Kim at SevenThirtyThree and printed them onto card stock.  Then I was able to buy individual pieces of candy at Party City.  So I picked out Green Fruit Slices, Green Lollipops and Green Foil Wrapped Hershey Kisses.  I put them all into small plastic treat bag (the same ones I used for the marshmallow pops just a little larger) and stapled the topper on.  They looks so cute and  were one of my favorite things to make for the party.


Michelle Gibson said...

Everything looks just so pretty, pink and perfect!

Melissa said...

what an adorable idea. my daughter went to see pinkalicious live in NYC and her and her girlfriends all dressed up as her.
can you check out my new teaching blog and help me pick a design? Would really appreciate it.

Demetria @ Christian Homeschool Moms said...

BEAUTIFUL. so cute! My 4 year old is completely into Pinkalicious. This party would be such a treat for her. Great theme.


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