Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Elf on the Shelf has Arrived

This Christmas Season we have a special visitor watching the girls each day.  Her name is Ginger and she is our Elf on the Shelf!!  I have to say I was hesitant about this special Christmas Tradition.  I do prefer the things that are more Christ centered.  But I am so glad that we have included this in our Christmas preparations this year.  The girls are in love with her and it is so much fun to see their faces EVERY morning as the look for her and then discover the silly antics she is up to.

We had our Elf "delivered" to our front door one night.  Delivered meaning Daddy placed her sitting on top of her box at our front door and then knocked while we were upstairs getting ready for bed.  When the girls heard it they wanted to know who was at our door at bedtime.  They were so excited to find our Elf on the Shelf!  That night we read her special book, which is basically an instruction manual for her in a cute rhyming text.  It told the girls that we had to pick out a name for her and how she listens to hear if they are good or bad and then tells Santa.  It also lets them know that they are not allowed to touch her or she will loose her magic.

Now for the real fun, every morning she is in a different place in the house.  Sometimes it is just sitting or hanging somewhere and sometimes it is a whole little scene.  Here is what our Elf, Ginger has been up to so far :)
Day 1
Ginger for Ginger ~ we think she likes her name!

Day 2
Helping us decorate ~ the girls love the candy cane candles 

Day 3
Fun with Clementines

Day 4
A Campfire and making Smores with Prince Eric

Can you tell that the girls loved it?!?!

 Day 5
Ginger loves our Wedgits as much as we do!

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf, what is your favorite part of this tradition?
Check back soon to see more of the fun that we have with our Elf, Ginger as we prepare for Christmas!!


Kelly at Little Wonders' Days said...

I can't believe how your girls have grown since I started following your blog. These are such cute elf ideas. Love the picnic one.

Dennie said...

I love the Elf on a Shelf - where do you come up with these ideas?


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