Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Helping Others ~ Bookmark Making

Emily is participating in the Presidential Service Club at her school, which provides the students with some opportunities to participate in community service projects. So far they have made pillows and blankets for a nursing home and helped clean up litter around the school.
Most of the hours are meant to be earned on their own. I really had no idea where to start, since most volunteer oportunities are for children that are older. I was very encouraged as I was looking on the internet for projects that we could do together to earn the service hours and have found a few local organizations that we have really enjoyed working with.

One of the organizations I found to work with is The Book Faries. They are an organization which provides books to teachers and students in underprivliged areas. Emily and I were able to go to their warehouse and help sort the many boxes of book donations one Saturday afternoon. There were many teachers that came in to pick out books for their classroom libraries and it was so awesome to see them getting excited about the books they were able to take for free! It was also cute for me to see Emily finding books that we were sorting that we own or have borrowed from the library. She would say “ooh I loved this one” or “Mommy we have this one too!”

Bookmark Making

I found out that when they have free book fairs for the children at these schools to pick out a book to owen they also give each child a bookmark. I thought this would be a great project for all of us to work on together. My sister was kind enough to provide us with lots of different scrappaper, punches and stickers from her huge collection of scrappbooking supplies and we went to work.

After we finished designing the bookmarks I laminated them and the girls helped me cut them all out. I like that they are laminated becasue they feel more sturdy and will last much longer!

Even Clara got in on the fun and colored these bookmark pages that I printed for her from Stories by Storie .

I am so excited about this fun and creative way to help other kids, especially since we love reading so much and now can share that with other children!

What kinds of volunteer activities do your participate in with your younger children?

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