Monday, July 26, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday

Since their are no themes for Muffin Tin Monday during the summer and we just received the most amazing Muffin Tin Swap package ever I thought today was the perfect day to test out some of our new supplies!      


Emily’s Muffin Tin Swap Lunch

Crackers with Turkey and Cheese (I got to use our Ham and Cheese cutters on these and they were a big hit!)

Cucumber Slices and Blueberries (The silicone cups were the perfect size to hold these)

Ranch Dressing for the Cucumbers and raisins in the mini cat shaped silicone cups (which were also the perfect size)


Emily loved using the mini food pick to dip the cucumbers into the ranch dressing!

IMG_4604 Of course a picture with her MTM lunch!!


Evenspor said...

Fun! Great use of all your new goodies.

Anonymous said...

Yum! What fun swap supplies :-)

Melissa said...

Fun and cute!! Emily is adorable. :)

Anonymous said...

Super fun MTM supplies!

Sandy said...

Fun stuff!

Rebecca said...

Too cute! Ive never seen these muffin cups before!

Shannon said...

Love it! That is some of my kids' favorites. Your little girl is adorable.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of cutting the cheese and meat up into shapes! May have to give that a try tomorrow.

Unknown said...

I love the cat cups! What a great swap lunch!

muffintinmom said...

so fun! I love what you did with the ham and cheese cutters. and your daughter is precious!


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