Monday, November 15, 2010

Sensory Fun ~ Fall Fabric Leaves, Popcorn and Split Peas


I filled our sensory tub up with a half a bag of popcorn kernels that were in the cabinet for years.  (I bought a fresh bag and couldn’t just through these out.)  I also added a bag of split peas and a bunch of fall fabric leaves and flowers.  I found a bunch of them while I was going through our fall decorations.  I didn’t have a use for them anymore so I thought they would be great for a fall themed sensory tub.


Juliette was able to test it out while Emily was taking a nap.  She loved using the scoop I found at my Grandmother’s house while helping her clean out some cabinets.

IMG_5486   She also liked just feeling the leaves and throwing them around the tub and then the floor.  There was quite a mess once she was finished, but she had a great time doing it!


Anonymous said...

What a great sensory bin! It looks like it was well enjoyed :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh now that looks like fun. I love all the colors.

Sela said...

Lovely! I need to bring our sensory bin back out for my little :)
Something I used to do that you might find useful: I put a large flat sheet or a big blanket under the sensory bin so that most of the mess was contained on that. I then just dumped it back into the bin when we were done!

sbswtp said...

YAY Juliette.... so fun :)

Michelle said...

@sela ~ that sounds like a good does get pretty messy here :0)


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