Thursday, April 21, 2011

stART ~ The Easter Egg


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This week as we continue to get ready to celebrate Easter, we read The Easter Egg, by Jan Brett.  This is a beautifully illustrated story about a little bunny that wants to win the Easter Egg decorating contest so that he will be able to help the Easter Rabbit.  While trying to think of how he should decorate his egg he discovers a Robin that needs help caring for one of her eggs that fell out of her nest.  The bunny helps the Robin and is unable to decorate his own egg, but the Easter Rabbit knows what he did and how he helped the Robin and rewards him.  I liked that this book focuses on helping others and was not all about being the winner.  Right now Emily is very competitive and this book is  a great example of how you do not always have to win and the way you play the game or help others is more important!

To go along with this book we decorated our own paper Easter Eggs with our Art Group.  Last year we made Mosaics out of Egg Shells and the whole process was a big hit.  This year we used colored Egg Shells to decorate a construction paper eggs.  We dyed the egg shells and the crushed them into little pieces.  The girls were able to use the crushed egg shells like glitter to decorate their construction paper egg.  The bright colors of the egg shells look so pretty and all the children even the little ones  really had a great time working on this project!


First they added the glue in what ever design they wanted.


Next, they added the egg shell sprinkles.

They made some beautiful Easter Eggs!!

IMG_7829                 Juliette’s Egg IMG_7828Emily’s Egg

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phasejumper said...

Saw your daughters in my Family Fun magazine yesterday! Yeah! Were they excited to see themselves in print?

Unknown said...

OK, great minds think alike- we did the same book this week! I DO really like how y'all decorated your eggs- talk about getting the most out of your eggs... :0)

Brimful Curiosities said...

The Easter Egg by Brett is a new classic. Love the images of the Easter Bunny and his egg wagon. Great idea using the shells. We'll have to save our egg shells after Easter and save them for a craft!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

This is a great craft for this book. We couldn't find it in the library now but read it earlier this year. I think every 3-4 year old goes through "crazy competitive" phase. Anna definitely has it too.

Carrie said...

Saw you guys in Family Fun soooo cool!

Anonymous said...

I saw you in Family Fun too. It was a cute piece.


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