Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not so Wordless Wednesday ~ A Hurricane Party

As Hurricane Irene approached my Sister-in-Law and Brother-in-Law decided to come stay with us…which turned out to be a good idea since their neighborhood ended up being evacuated anyway. 

The kids had such a great time together, it was more like a party to them…which was definitely a good thing.  We left all of the worrying up to the grown ups!

Emily and Juliette were very happy that their cousin sleep over our house!


Pre-bedtime pretend sleeping.  If only they actually fallen asleep :)

IMG_9783 I was worried about a few of the large trees in our yard that are close to our bedrooms  so we slept altogether in our living room. I brought the girls toddler mattresses down so they would be more comfortable.  They were very excited about this and ended up cuddling up next to each other on Emily’s mattress.


Watching the news in the morning to see  where Hurricane Irene was.

IMG_9790 Thankfully this was the worst of our damage…the top of this very tall pine tree snapped off and fell into our neighbors tree.  The whole backyard smelled like Christmas!!

We have been praying for all of those who were affected by the hurricane.  We realized how blessed we were to be safe, still have power and have minimal damage to our property. 


Jennifer said...

So glad you're all ok. I bet the kids had a BLAST!

Rebecca said...

Brianna has that same flowered bedding :) Glad everyones ok!


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