Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Fun List ~ Make S’mores

I LOVE S’mores, they remind me of camping when I was little.   Then all I wanted to do was set my marshmallow on fire, now getting a perfect golden marshmallow is my goal. 

When Emily and Juliette’s cousin came over, he actually brought over all the ingredients to make s’mores, including some really cool sticks for roasting the extra large marshmallows!  This was perfect because making S’mores was on our Summer Fun List!


Emily and Juliette are ready with their sticks and marshmallows

IMG_8552 Let the roasting beginIMG_8553 The fire was really hot and they stayed just long enough to take the picture and for my nephew’s marshmallow to catch on fire!IMG_8556But, the end result was a delicious and very messy treat.

IMG_8562 Can you tell they LOVED them!!IMG_8564

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Jess said...

Such fun! This was on our summer list too!


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