Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Product Review: Moon Dough Push n’ Pop Breakfast Set

I was so excited when I was contacted by Team Mom to review the new improved Moon Dough Formula.  IMG_1616Emily and Juliette have enjoyed playing with Moon Dough at their friend’s house, however after seeing what a huge mess it made did not want it in our house.   I have to say I am so glad I gave this set a chance because the girls had SO much fun making all kinds of yummy breakfast treats with it.

 IMG_1672 The Moon Dough Push n’ Pop Breakfast Set came with 2 colors of moon dough (which can be mixed together for a cool tie die effect or completely blended to make a new color), a play mat,  a twisty mold and 3 Push n’ Pop molds.

IMG_1617 Juliette was able to use the new Push n’ Pop molds to easily make pancakes, waffles or toast.  Emily and I loved using the twisty mold to make the different toppings.  The moon dough molds really well and pops right out.  Emily was able to do it all by herself and they really looked great.


The new moon dough formula was better than the one that the girls had played with at a friends house, although it did crumble a little bit, it was easy to get it back together and did not stick to their clothes at all.  I also loved that it does not dry up.  It is also Wheat-free and Hypo-allergenic.  The girls were able to make their  breakfast creations and play with them for hours without worrying about putting them away.


There is also a Push n' Pop Sea Creatures set available that looks really cute.  Sso if you want something that your child will have hours of fun creating with, with minimal mess I definitely recommend these Moon Dough Push n’ Pop Sets!

Disclaimer: Thank you to Team Mom and Moon Dough for providing us with this Moon Dough Push N Pop Breakfast Set free of charge to facilitate my review. This review is 100% my own opinion of this  Moon Dough Set and was not influenced in any way by the company.

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Demetria @ Christian Homeschool Moms said...

Looks like something I could use- mess free play dough. Thanks for sharing about this.


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