Thursday, January 19, 2012

stART~ Snow Day

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image Emily took the book Snow Day, by Lynn Plourde out on Library Day and we really enjoyed reading it together.  Even though we have not had any snow yet the girls can’t wait for it to come.  This book is written to tell the story of a snow day from the moment a child rubs the sleep out of their eyes to when they snuggle up to a good book at the end of a fun day in the snow to get ready for bed.  It is written in a poetic form that is fun to read and flows really well as the story of this special snow day unfolds.  

For our art project we talked about some of the things we can’t wait to do once it finally (hopefully at least once!) snows here.  After discussing our favorite things to do in the snow the girls were given a piece of paper, crayons and oil pastels to draw a picture of their favorite thing about the snow.  IMG_1722IMG_1721

When they were all finished we added the snow!  The girls used white paint that was mixed with glue and a q-tip to dot or spread the glue onto the paper.  IMG_1724IMG_1726

Finally they added the sparkling finishing touch…GLITTER!


Emily making snow angels in the snow

IMG_1794Juliette going sledding ( she drew this picture all by herself )


Brittney said...

Glitter certainly adds a winter sparkle!

Anonymous said...

I am your newest GFC Follower! This looks like such a wonderful idea. I noticed that most people post individual ideas so hopefully you do not mind that I linked up my Storybook Artist Curriculum that I just finished. I am looking forward to seeing what people link up this week here, thank you!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I like adding the snow after the pictures are drawn - and the glitter last. It just keeps getting better and better.

Jackie Higgins said...

Everything is better with glitter!

Unknown said...

I love the blowing snow! What a great project!

Unknown said...

I love the blowing snow! What a great project!


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