Friday, March 9, 2012

Rubber Band Splatter Painting

I originally saw the idea for this Splatter Painting project on Pinterest, from Teach Preschool and knew  that I had to try  it out  with our Art Group. 

To set up this project I put a piece of paper inside each baking tray and put three rubber bands around each tray.  I started by painting the rubber bands with the paint then the girls  snapped them to make the paint splatter all over the paper, but very quickly the girls wanted to add the paint on their own to do it again and again and again.  IMG_2027

Emily loved snapping the rubber bands and even used both hands to do two at a time.  They experimented with moving the rubber bands around on the tray and even sliding the paper out and around the other way to mix the colors.

IMG_2070Emily’s finished painting.

All the kids from 21 months to 5 years old  loved this activity, except Juliette who was in a mood!  Oh well maybe next time :)

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The Activity Mom said...

so fun! We have to try this. Sharing it on fb and pinterest


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