Friday, April 6, 2012

Paper Plate Easter Basket


IMG_2223Emily’s Basket ~ I love the Empty Tomb that she decided to draw all on her own!

We made these cute paper plate Easter Baskets with Emily and Juliette’s Sunday School Class for their Easter Party.  We wanted something that was easy to make and that would hold the treats that they found inside their Easter Eggs after the Easter Egg Hunt.

IMG_2222Juliette’s Basket ~ She loved the stickers and Emily was very proud of how she blended the colors at the bottom to make a great design :)

To make them I cut out all of the paper plates ahead of time.  You will need 2 paper plates per child.  Cut one paper plate in half.  Then cut a half circle out of the inside of the second paper plate, this will be the handle.

We gave the kids crayons, markers and stickers for them to decorate the paper plates with.   Make sure they decorate the back(side that would normally touch the table) of the half paper plate because you are going to staple it to the second paper plate so that they are facing each other.  We had a few kids decorate the front (side that the food goes on) so we couldn’t see their design. IMG_2224   Then staple the half paper plate onto the bottom of the other paper plate to make a pouch.  This was a perfect little Easter Basket for the kids to hold all the candy they found after our Easter Egg Hunt!


Jackie Higgins said...

I love these- very cute and so simple. We may make these this morning while we wait to go to Grandma and Grandpa's for the Easter egg hunt. I think the boys are going to be a bit hyped...maybe a craft will distract them. ;)

OneMommy said...

I remember doing something similar when I was little. They turned out cute -- and I like the empty tomb, too!

Kylie said...

Ok what a neat idea, must remember this one. :-)


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