Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Post-it's + Stack n Smile Photo Blocks = Learning Fun

We have had our set of Stack n Smile Photo Blocks for awhile now, and I always want to use them for learning activities, but never get around to filling their sides with "stuff."  I was putting together a game for Juliette and realized the cubes would work perfectly, but ahh I did not have the time to format a page on my word processing program with the letters I needed then cut them out and put them in the cubes.  That's when I realized POST-ITS !!!!  I was able to quickly write the letters on each post it and they were the perfect size to slide right into the pockets.  I am so excited for all the fun learning activities that we can now quickly put together. 

1 comment:

Lawandasu said...

great idea!
I'll have to try that.


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