Sunday, December 8, 2013

Elf On the Shelf Adventures Week 1

Ginger is back and she is having a lot of fun!!  Every morning the girls anxiously wait to go down and see where she is and what she has been up to and this week she has been pretty silly.

Day 2
Ginger decided she would be a leprechaun for the day.  She was also wearing the rainbow loom bracelet that Juliette made for her.  Which made Juliette so happy!!

Day 3
Ginger thinks driving a shoe train is a lot of fun!

Day 4
Ginger must be wishing for some snow.  She made us some cute snowflakes.
Day 5
It was a bubble bath kind of morning for Ginger.  I think she liked that the soap had her name in it!

Day 6
Ginger was really creative today! These play-doh containers led us to...

...a play doh GINGER!!!

After looking around again we finally found the real Ginger hanging out on top of the Kitchen cabinets.

Day 7
Ginger was so excited that we were going to decorate gingerbread houses that she decided to decorate her own.

Check back next week to see what else Ginger has been up to!!!!
Does an Elf on the Shelf visit your house if so what has your elf been up to?

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