Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cracker "Carrot" Snacks

We are having an Easter Party with our playgroup and I thought that these Cracker "Carrots" would be the perfect addition to the goody bags. We try to keep sweets to a minimum and at the party we were already planning on decorating sugar cookies and having a bunny shaped cake. When I found the idea for these on no fuss Fabulous, I was so excited I knew everyone would love them!

All you need to make these are Wilton 12-inch Disposable Decorating Bags, orange colored cheese crackers (I used Target's Marketplace Chickadees and Annie's Cheddar Bunnies), and green ribbon.

Fill the bags and then tie them with the ribbon...it is that simple, and the come out so cute!

They were so easy and I thought they were so cute I also made some to fill my nephews Easter Bags with.

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