Thursday, April 30, 2009

Unplugged Project ~ Yellow

Yellow Scavenger Hunt

This weeks Unplugged Project was "Yellow" and I decided it would be fun to do a scavenger hunt with Emily.

I typed up clues for some yellow things that Emily was familiar with and printed them out so that I could read them to her during the hunt.

You and Grandpa like to build with this when he watches you on Mondays.

What is it?


Mommy puts these in your hair to make it look pretty and keep it out of your eyes.

What are they?


These grow outside in the middle of the grass.

What are they?


Emily did a great job listening to the clue, telling me what it was and then going to find it. We will definitely have to try this again. She was so excited to run around the house and front yard to find the yellow things on our list.

After we finished the Yellow Scavenger Hunt we also made Yellow Dandelion Prints which was a lot of fun too!

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Miller Moments said...

What a fabulous idea! My kiddo would love a scavenger hunt.


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