Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Which One Does Not Belong??

We have been working on grouping and these activities are perfect for practicing and reinforcing this important early math skill. 

First, I created a Which One of These is Different worksheet (click on the link for a free download) for Emily. 

She had to find the picture that was not like the others and did not belong in the group. 

IMG_3254First, she pointed to it, then she told me why it was different and then she used her marker to circle it.

Another fun hands on way to practice this grouping skill is to collect a group of items that are all the same and then include one that is slightly different.  I showed them to Emily and then she picked up the one that was different and told me why.


You’ve got to love little people, so many wonderful activities that you can use them for!!  Which one doesn’t belong???


I love these links too, they are awesome teething toys, they keep Juliette’s toys off of the floor, and great for grouping with Emily, so which one doesn’t belong??


Check out some other great math ideas at:


The Activity Mom said...

We are thinking alike! =) we did something like this recently and is scheduled to post soon. Great printable! Thanks for sharing it!

sbswtp said...

We had a great time with this printable. Thank you for sharing it!! :)

Rebecca said...

What great ideas! I love activities that you can use household items for :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the printable and great ideas! I need to start practicing this with Sammy :-0

Joyful Learner said...

I smiled when I saw the little people. This is a wonderful activity! Thanks for sharing and linking up! We're going to play this today.

Natural Homeschool Mama said...

Beautiful pictures- and your kids are having loads of fun learning! :-) I always like to see blogs of creative mamas making learning exciting and adventurous for the kids. It encourages me!


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