Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day


Before you were conceived I wanted you,
Before you were born I loved you,
Before you were an hour old I knew I would die for you !
Mommy and Emily

February 13, 2007 ~ Holding Emily for the first time

EMily and Mommy

May 13, 2007  ~ My first Mother’s Day with Emily



July 9, 2009 ~ Seeing Juliette for the first time


May 9, 2010 ~ My first Mother’s Day with Juliette


IMG_3400   Me and my beautiful girls on Mother’s Day 2010

(I love that Emily insisted on having pink baby in our Mother’s Day picture)


The Woman with the issue of blood said...

very precious you are so blessed my sister

sbswtp said...

What a sweet post Michelle!! I would have been very surprised if Pink Baby was not in the picture...and I love the look Juliette is giving Pink Baby.... So cute... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

April said...

Very cute pictures. Your hair looked great after giving birth :), in my pictures, my hair looked crazy!!

Mrs. M said...

Thank you for sharing your very precious moments here...
Mother's Day blessings to you, Michelle.

Enjoy mothering!


Miller Moments said...

What fun pictures! Happy Mother's Day!

Ticia said...

She has such a sweet grin. Happy Mother's Day.

Unknown said...

Well, Pink Baby IS an important part of the family, I'm sure...

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Anonymous said...

aww such a sweet post!!!

Anonymous said...

happy mother's day!


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