Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Listening and Following Directions Can Be Fun!!

Oh my goodness does Emily need to work on listening and following directions.  I usually have to repeat myself 5 times before she begins to do something that I ask her to do.  I know as a teacher that you should not keep repeating yourself, because then it just becomes a habit and then there is really no need to listen the first time since it will be repeated over and over and over.  So I will be working on that for myself and in the meantime I made up this activity, which turned out to be a fun game for the girls!

First I printed out this shape mat that I made to go with the activity (you can click on the picture above for a free download).  Then I got out three objects that I could have the girls manipulate(this time we used 3 mega blocks in 3 different colors, but any objects that you can describe will work ie. little people, counting bears, bottle tops…)


The girls placed everything in front of them.  We started by talking about names of the shapes on the mat and the colors of the blocks.


Then they had to follow our directions to place the colored  blocks on the correct spot on the mat.  At first we repeated ourselves and then we reminded them to listen because we were only going to say it one time.  Once they were all used they cleared them off and we started again.

Some of the directions they had to follow were:

  • Pick up the purple block and put it on the circle.
  • Pick up the green block and put it on the square.
  • Pick up the red block and put it on the heart.
  • Pick up the red block and put it under the square.
  • Pick up the purple block and put it above the circle.
  • Pick up the green and purple block and put it on the circle.

I was really happy that all the girls seemed to enjoy this activity, it will be a great way to practice listening skills and following directions as well as reinforcing placement concepts too!


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sbswtp said...

I think they had a lot of fun with it :)

Our Little Family said...

How cool! I'm definintely downloading this and trying it with Maddie. Great idea!

Christy Killoran said...

Cute activity!

I do not like to repeat myself either!

Amy said...

I am trying to train myself to ask only one time. I started obedience jars for the kids. If they obey the first time I ask (cheerfully and quickly) they get a coin, if I have to ask twice I take a coin out. Each week we are going to count the money and let them either save or buy a treat at the store.

Anonymous said...

oo do I repeat myself! I will have to do this and also train myself to not repeat. I didn't think about the fact that its training him to not listen the first time!

Shelby said...

Great idea! Stopping over from Ramblings! new follower. I am also formally a school teacher, turned stay at home homeschooling mom! conkklan5.blogspot.com

Katie from ABC&123: A Learning Cooperative said...

My ER is the same way, I definitely need to print out and do this following directions with her too. I think she only hears me when I say yes to eating sweets.


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