Thursday, June 17, 2010

stART ~ Shapes That Roll


Welcome to stART! I hope that you will enjoy our story and art project and maybe even share your own too. All I ask is that you link back to A Mommy’s Adventures so that everyone can see all the other great projects that everyone shares too! The linky will be open all week.

I added a stART tab in my navigation bar to make it easier to search for past stART projects. Be sure to check it out!! All the books that we have read and did a stART project for are listed in alphabetical order.


We have been doing a lot of shape inspired art so when I saw the book Shapes That Roll, by Karen Nagel at the library I knew it would go along with all of our art really well.  The bright illustrations and playful rhyming text made this a fun book to  read.  Emily enjoyed finding all the different shapes throughout the book.

Here are some of the fun shape art projects that we have been working on.


Circle Collage

Emily used do-a-dot markers, reinforcements, hole punches, circle foam beads and circle felt pieces.


Triangle Contact Paper Collage

I cut out a piece of contact paper in the shape of a triangle.  Emily stuck construction paper and foam triangles to the contact paper.


Square Tissue Paper Art

Emily painted watered down glue onto a piece of square paper and then added colored square tissue paper, she painted over them with the glue and added more squares.  This gives it a really neat look!

 IMG_4060 Rectangle Magic Painting

I used white crayon to write the word “Rectangles” and draw different sized rectangles on a piece of construction paper.  Emily then painted over the whole paper with watered down orange paint to reveal the secret shape picture.


Christy Killoran said...

Great art projects. I'm going to look for that book!

Anonymous said...

love all of the different shape projects!

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

Looks like a fun book!

Ticia said...

That looks like a cute book!

Pathfinder Mom said...

I really need to offer more collage art choices here. Love your projects.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Very nice shape art! The tissue paper squares are especially neat - I like the way they blend together.

Janna said...

Fun, Fun! I love it when they are learning and don't even know it b/c it's so much fun.

Anonymous said...

I love the secret shape activity. JDaniel would love it too. Things got busy this week and we didn't craft. I hope to be back on track next week.

Anonymous said...

Pretty artwork! The book looks good, I'll have to look for it.

Jenny said...

Great ideas here that I've never thought of doing!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I love the triangle collage best - what a great idea! I have to look for this book, the artwork looks very nice.

Charlene Juliani said...

Love all the different shapes - great idea, they came out really cute!

maggy, red ted art said...

Love the shape projects and the book looks great too! Red Ted is slowly starting to "get shapes"... so will be a good book to look at! Thank you and thank you for hosting! x


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