Friday, September 10, 2010

Field Trip Fun ~ The Bronx Zoo

This year we got a membership to the Wildlife Conservation Society, which allows us to visit The Bronx Zoo, 3 other local zoos and the New York Aquarium all year long.  I was so excited about having this membership and couldn’t wait to use it.  For our first trip we planned on visiting the Bronx zoo with our friends.  Emily had a great time seeing all the different animals as well as going on a Bug Carousel and Monorail.  Juliette also had a great day and enjoyed seeing all of the animals too she really liked the children’s zoo, where she was able to feed goats and get really close to the animals!


I printed out an animal hunt sheet from PreKinders for the girls that had a picture and the name of 10 different animals that we might see at the zoo.  After we saw one of the animals the girls put a sticker on the box of the animal they saw.  I was not sure how this would go, but they were both really excited to do this and actually asked us to take the sheets out after they saw an animal that was on the sheet.

  Butterfly Garden

I have never seen so many butterflies in one place and so close to us too!  Emily was most excited when she saw the huge The Very Hungry Caterpillar book cover!!

The Bug Carousel

The Bug Carousel ride was definitely a favorite part of the zoo.  Both Emily and Juliette loved riding on the different bugs!

The Zoo



I loved this part of the tiger exhibit, where we could compare our height to the height of a tiger. 

The Monorail

After an extremely long and cranky wait we had a great time on the Monorail.  We were able to see a lot of different animals and sit down and relax for a little bit. 


Emily had such a busy day, she was asleep before we even got back to the car!!


sbswtp said...

Great pictures :-) I love that you did the animal hunt :)

Unknown said...

What a GREAT zoo! Also, I think being part of an Eric Carle story would be an AWESOME experience...

Jenny said...

Fun! So...I'm taking my 3 kids to NYC for 2 weeks in November. I've been there 4 times, but this will be the first time for my two youngest. I might need to pick your brain a little bit. For example, will it be too cold to visit the zoos, etc. while we're there? (around Thanksgiving time) And I wanted to get lots of learning activities together before we go, since we'll be there so long - and I was thinking about things just like this - with the printout for the zoo. So thanks for this post - and if you have any thoughts or ideas, let me know! :)

Christy Killoran said...

I love the animal hunt idea. I'll have to remember that.

Great pictures. I love the last one.

Rebecca said...

We went to our local zoo yesterday too :) I love the Butterfly garden pics!

Anonymous said...

We are headed to the zoo for the first time next Saturday. Hope it'll be just as fun as your trip there.

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

What a fun trip! The butterfly garden looks amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great trip! That butterfly exhibit looks amazing!! Love that last picture :-)


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