Sunday, February 6, 2011

Having Fun Learning

Our Week Having Fun Learning Together!!!
Emily is 47 months old and Juliette is 18 months old
This week we had a great week.  We did a lot of different activities and games,music class, had our first Tot School Beginnings and art group.   And of course did a lot of playing, pretending and having fun!
I took out this Felt Snowman that I made for Emily last year.  She loved dressing it and we even made some new clothes to add to his collection.
Juliette is obsessed with Perfection .  We play this game many times during the day.  She is able to put all of the pieces in, we just do not turn on the timer.  She also loves to do it with the timer on when we help her.  When we take it out she keeps saying “pop, pop” since that is what it does when the timer runs out.
Emily and I made yarn hearts for Valentine’s Day decorations.  This was a very sticky, but fun project.
Both Emily and Juliette love to help sweep the floors and use the dust buster.
We had our first official Tot School Beginnings this week at our friend Sarah’s house.  She set up 3 activities for the little ones to explore and then they were able to play.
Juliette enjoyed the play dough.  She liked poking it with the fork the best.
Although she liked the Rice Sensory Tub, it drove me crazy since she kept putting the rice in her mouth.  I think she would have eaten it by the fistfuls if I wasn’t watching her. IMG_7330
Finally the did a simple craft.  Juliette liked sticking the tissue paper squares onto contact paper.  This is a great first art activity for toddlers.
While Juliette was playing Emily was very entertained by her own little sensory bucket that Sarah had set up for the big sisters!
After that, Emily was able to join in with Preschool Activities and Elmo’s Birthday Party!
Emily made a quilt for the letter Q
She enjoyed this Elmo color by number that Sarah made.
She also did an Elmo Do a Dot page.
We also had cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday To Elmo.  You can see the different activities we did here.
We made some coffee filter hearts that were inspired by the Artful Parent.  We actually did this with our art group and all of the kids had a great time.  Even the babies were able to participate!
Emily was obsessed with our chocolate play dough.  She sat at the counter working with it for over an hour!  I stored it in the empty Hershey’s Cocoa container, which worked out really well!
Finally after dinner with Aunt Christina and Uncle Scott, Emily and Juliette were able to try out Skype.  This was the first time I had tried it and was really impressed with how clear it was.  We definitely can’t wait to test it out again!
Our favorite books from this week:

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sbswtp said...

So fun!!! Thanks for linking up to our Elmo post :-) Can't wait for TSB this week!!! :-)

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! Sounds like we've had the same week!

We did the yarn hearts a few days ago. I really didn't care for the cornstarch glue though.

We have rice in our sensory tub too and I can't keep my youngest from eating the rice (or our dog either!)

Anonymous said...

What a fun week!! I love the chocolate play dough in the Hershey's box!

April said...

I have never tried the Perfection game, it looks like fun though. That is cute that she says "pop pop"

Anonymous said...

We love Perfection! And my MIL made playdough for Melody's birthday and the girls have been playing nonstop. Looks like a fun week!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Wonderful week! Lots of great works!

I loved Perfection as a kid too! Forgot about that!



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