Sunday, March 20, 2011

Having Fun Learning


Our Week Having Fun Learning Together!!!

Emily is 4 years old and Juliette is 20 months old

This week we have been very busy, most of the things we do are spontaneous with some planned activities thrown in for good measure.   Emily has been enjoying working on some letter games on her learning laptop and also working in some of our preschool skills workbooks.  She loves them and can do page after page of them.

Juliette has been  a handful the past few weeks, gearing up for the terrible two’s maybe.  So at this point I am happy with whatever we fit in between crying fits!  She is saying so many more words and really just wants to do EVERYTHING that Emily does.

IMG_7647 Emily and I went to see Cinderella at the Plaza Play House, our local live Children’s Theatre.IMG_7558 Emily is using her Learning Laptop to find the missing letter.  I am not crazy about this toy, because I find the graphics very hard to see, but she loves it.  She is so happy to have her own little computer.  For the game that she likes it give a series of letters and she has to fill in the missing letter.


At Sarah’s house Emily and Juliette played with Play Dough.

IMG_7651 Juliette loved emptying all the packing peanuts from the sensory tub.IMG_7652 Juliette loves putting straws in the small holes in this container, which is an amazing fine motor skill activity!IMG_7653

The kids painted with Green Paint.  First we made handprint shamrocks and then they were able to do some free painting.

IMG_7661IMG_7663On St. Patrick’s Day the girls woke up to find Green Leprechaun Gold hidden all over the house.  They both had so much fun finding them.

It started when Emily woke up and found one on her pillow.  She then noticed one on top of the toilet bowl.  Then when we went downstairs there were some of the steps, in their green cereal bowls and even in their shoes! IMG_7548

We had a beautiful end to the week with an almost 80 degree day.  The girls were so excited to get outside and play!


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Kinder Fun said...

Very Creative! I am awarding you the Stylish Blog Award!

Anonymous said...

What a fun week of learning! Sammy love his little learning laptop as well and I am like you.. think the graphics are hard to see :-P


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