Friday, January 14, 2011

Emily’s First Play

I recently took Emily to a local Live Children’s Musical Theatre for a Production of Beauty and the Beast.  Emily was so excited to see “Mommy’s Favorite Princess”.  I have the soundtrack to the movie and played it to her before we went to the show so she would be familiar with the songs, since she has never actually seen the movie.  She enjoyed it so much we are hoping to go back next month to see Sleeping Beauty!!


Emily with her Play Bill

IMG_7104  After the show we were able to meet the cast and Emily insisted on taking a picture with Belle!


Phyllis said...

Wow and meeting the cast, too. What a great experience.

Anonymous said...

How neat! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite. Sleeping Beauty is Melody's. =p Not sure we have something like that here.

Mihaela { Best Toys 4 Toddlers } said...

Hi Michelle!

Forwarding you Stylish Blogger Award! Enjoy! :)

sbswtp said...

It looks like she had so much fun!!! Sorry we missed it!


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