Thursday, June 9, 2011

stART ~ To Be Like the Sun

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This week the weather has been BEAUTIFUL and we have been busy tending to our garden and planting some more seeds.  I found To Be Like the Sun, by Susan Marie Swanson at the library and knew it would be perfect for when we planted our sunflower seeds.  I love that this book tells about the lifecycle of a Sunflower Seed written in a lyrical free verse.  The illustrations gave us so much to talk about and after reading this book we were ready to plant our own Sunflower seeds and make our sunflower paintings too!
IMG_8154 For our Sunflower Painting we used empty plastic Snapple bottles.  The bottoms were perfect for making a flower print.  Both Emily and Juliette were able to dip the bottom of the bottle into the thin layer of paint and make the prints on the paper.  Emily went over each one to make a fuller flower.IMG_8157 IMG_8159Next, the girls used a pencil eraser dipped in brown paint to add the sunflower seeds to the middle of their flowers . IMG_8163
Finally once the paint was dry Emily used a marker to make the stems and leaves for her flowers.IMG_8164
Juliette’s SunflowersIMG_8165
Emily’s Sunflowers

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April said...

We did this before but we used a 2 liter bottle and it did not come out as cute. My daughter enjoyed stamping it though...even if it didn't look like flowers!


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