Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Crafting Kites with Kids

The start of spring and the windy weather we have been having always makes me think of Kites.  We don’t usually have much luck when we try to fly our own kites, but we have had fun crafting some very pretty ones.  When Emily was little we make a Triangle Shape Kite, but this time we tried something a little different.  

To make our kites we used Bleeding Tissue Paper, cardstock, straws, yarn and some colored construction paper.  The girls always love working with bleeding tissue paper, it has a somewhat magical property to it which is always fun.  If you have never tired it before we definitely recommend it.

First, I cut out cardstock in the shape of a Kite and then Juliette got to work with the bleeding tissue paper.


She covered the paper with a little bit of water then placed the pieces of bleeding tissue paper over the water.  They like to brush over them with a little more water to make sure they are sticking down to the paper well.

Once the paper is covered to satisfaction we just set them to the side and let them dry.


Now for the fun part, Juliette pulled off all of the bleeder paper to see the beautiful colored design that was left behind…MAGIC!!!A Mommy's Adventures: Kite Craft

To put the kites together we cut pieces of colored straws to glue horizontally and vertically across the kite.  Then we glued on a long piece of yarn and construction paper bows for the tail.  Juliette was very excited to help me glue it together with the glue gun.  Since we have had a hard time gluing straws to paper in the past I figured this would be the best way.

  For another windy day project check out the Windsock Craft we made to go with the book The Wind Blew.

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Emma @ Our Whimsical Days said...

I've always wanted to play around with the bleeding tissue paper, but I haven't yet. It certainly does come out beautifully!

Ashley said...

This is beautiful! I need to find some of this bleeding tissue paper to play with!


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