Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Creative Challenge: Plastic Easter Egg Chicks and Bunnies

When I read about  the Creative Challenge from Tinkerlab I knew it was for us and something we would want to join in.  Emily and Juliette love to work on projects and I loved the idea that it was open ended and up to them to figure out what to do, which fosters their creativity and problem solving skills

This month’s challenge is EGGS, so we could do anything we want with any type of egg.

I explained to the girls that we had to come up with a project that has to do with eggs.  We conveniently decided to decorate our house for Easter which meant we had a huge bag of Plastic Easter Eggs (I’m talking like easily 75-100 eggs) just sitting waiting to be used in some fun and creative way.


Emily suggested the idea of turning a plastic yellow egg into a chick, she thought our bin of pipe cleaners would be perfect for his feet and Juliette totally agreed and added that we needed to make a bunny too.  They picked out yellow eggs for the chicks and pink eggs for the bunnies. Then I helped them gather whichever art supplies they thought they needed to create their projects.

Our supplies included plastic eggs, pipe cleaners, beads, craft foam, sharpie markers,feathers, construction paper, pom poms, wiggly eyes and our hot Glue Gun .IMG_6930IMG_6931

The girls noticed that there were holes in the top and bottom of each part of the egg which was perfect for adding the feet.  IMG_6934

IMG_6939IMG_6932After they added the feet they figured out worked on adding all the other details.  IMG_6937Daddy got in the fun to and decided to create a party egg :)      IMG_6936Emily’s Princess Chick!

Plastic Easter Egg Bunnies and Chicks

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Angela @CreatifulKids said...

I love these crafts where daddy gets involved also ! Your eggs turned out so good! I need to get myself a hot glue gun also :-)

For now we're only playing games with our plastic Easter eggs, but your post makes me want to take the Easter egg play to different level ;-)

Amanda said...

They turned out so cute! My daughter wanted to make a princess egg too....I will have to show her these :)

Unknown said...

They did such a great job! I love the bunny ones best.


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