Sunday, June 7, 2009


Tot School

Our week in TOTSchool
Emily is 27 months old

Emily used primary colors to paint with after reading Warthogs Paint...we turned this into wrapping paper for Daddy's birthday present, which he loved!

Emily used her Winnie the Pooh stamp set to make Daddy a birthday card.

Emily went strawberry picking in our front yard!! We were both so excited that there were some red ripe strawberries ready to be picked.

Emily enjoyed her fresh strawberries for a snack.

This week we had a lot of fun at a hands on music program that was held at our local library. Many of the songs that we sang were about the farm. Emily's favorite song from the program was Shake Your Sillies Out...and she was so excited when we got in the car and that was the song that was playing too!!

Here is a You Tube video of the is one of Emily's favorites!!

Our favorite books from this week:

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Christy Killoran said...

We haven't read the Warthogs Paint book - I'll have to check that one out. Where in NY do you live? We had so much fun in the city. Next month we are going upstate to visit my sister near Rochester, NY.

Ticia said...

I got them at Mardel's. It's the "Handwriting without Tears capital letter blocks." They're potentially also at your local teacher supply store or you can find it online.

Valerie said...

Hi Michelle.

Cute post! Love that Emily gets to eat the fruit of your labors! We planted our first garden this year and my little ones are so excited to see the vegetables coming up!

We have such similar backgrounds. I taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th before deciding to stay at home with our little ones. Look forward to reading more of your posts.


Sheena said...

I love your daughter's curly hair, it is so cute! "Shake your sillies out" is one of my daughter's favorite songs. She asks me to keep repeating it over and over again in the car.

Unknown said...

Home grown strawberries...YUMMY!!! She is very lucky.

Miller Moments said...

so jealous that you already have strawberries. I have some tomatoes coming, but no strawberries yet. Sounds like you had a fun week!

RockerMom said...

I love the wrapping paper and birthday card. RockerDad's birthday is coming up and I'll have to remember that. Thanks for sharing!!

Elise said...

Hi Michelle

What fun to make wrapping paper and a birthday card. Emily did such a great job and I bet her dad was very proud of his clever and artistic little girl.

Strawberries in your own front yard - yummo. I can remember picking strawberries with my family when I was younger. This is the stuff that great memories are made from.


Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Emily was a busy girl this week. We have this song on CD, it has slightly different lyrics, but it's one of Anna's favorites too. For some reason she never warmed up to A Very Hungry Bear book. Pity - I think it's such a cute story.


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