Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday Art Group

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Magnet and Red and Green Magic Tape Painting

Today it was just the two girls again, but we still had a great time working on our Christmas Themed Art Projects.

We started with Play Dough Free Play and cookie cutters.  The girls did a great job sharing some of the special tools too.


These Popsicle Stick Magnets came out really cute.  I have seen the popsicle stick Christmas Tree Ornaments on many different blogs.  But, while I was getting my supplies ready I saw clothespins in with the popsicle sticks.  I decided to use them as the base for the tree.  After we finished the project, I told my friend we could clip them onto the tree, or if we had magnets use them to hold papers.  So, I dug through my supplies and found some magnet strips.  We will be making a few more of these for Christmas Presents!!

I hot glued the popsicle sticks to the clothes pin before we started.


The girls used a sponge that was cut into smaller pieces to sponge on some green paint.


Next, they used glitter glue to decorate the tree and glue on sequins and spangles. 


We used ours to hold Emily’s other art project!

The girls were really excited to play so we got right to our next project.  I thought this would be a big hit, since they both love painting however after only a minute or two they were both ready to go into the other room and play. 


   The girls put pieces of painters tape onto white construction paper and then painted with red and green paint.  After it dried we pulled of the blue tape to see the design that was left!


Emily’s finished project.


Amy said...

Very cute. Very clever using a clothes pin and putting magnet on the back. We will have to make some of those too! Thanks!

Our Little Family said...

Oh my goodnes, how clever!! I love how you turned it into a clothespin with a magnet!

By the way, Maddie and I made your angel today and it turned out SO cute. Thanks (again) for the great idea!!

Christy Killoran said...

I love that tree. So cute.

Deborah Stewart said...

Your variation on the Christmas tree was brilliant! It looks like everyone had a successful day of play!

Adriana said...

Great idea to add the clothespin! They turned out very cute!

Amy said...

Michelle- We ended up making snowflakes instead. Thanks for the great concept!

Nadia said...

that is a very unique christmas tree... looks like it was fun to make too! thanks for sharing :)


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