Sunday, December 6, 2009


Tot School

Our week in TOTSchool

Emily is 33 months old.


Emily had fun at Sarah’s house for music class. She enjoyed playing the tambourine.


Juliette and Braeden had fun playing after the girls finished music class! I can’t believe how big they are getting :0)


We made really cute Christmas Trees painting with popsicle sticks and gluing on pom poms.


Emily worked on the letter G for Garden. Sarah came up with this project and I thought that it came out so cute!!


We participated in the Christmas Card Swap at Kids Crafts Weekly. Emily was so excited to get her first card all the way from New Zealand. It had stickers, stamps and play money in it! We can’t wait to learn about all of the other kids that we swapped cards with.

IMG_0122 IMG_0131

We made chocolate chip cookies. This was great practice with scooping and stirring. They were also very excited to eat their finished products!!


Emily really enjoyed the water dropper. We used them again to practice fine motor skills and color mixing.


We did our stART project with our friends this week and made a Star Paper Chain Christmas Countdown.



For Art Group we had some free play with our new peppermint play dough. We made hand print Santa Clauses and did some Salad Spinner Art.


We were supposed to go to the tree lighting at our Church so Emily and I backed some Chocolate Chip Bars, however she ended up with a fever so we just stayed in and enjoyed them at home.

Our favorite books from this week:

  • A Star for Jesus ~Crystal Bowman
  • Get Ready Eddie? A Book About Getting Dressed ~ Nat Gabriel
  • Pooh and Piglet Nearly Catch a Woozle ~ A. A. Milne
  • 9 Fruits Alive (God Counts Series) ~ Mindy MacDonald

Check out the great things that others are doing with their children by clicking the buttons on the top of this page!!


sbswtp said...

The Christmas Card Exchange sounds so fun!!! What a fun week :) Hopefully Ryleigh and Emily are feeling better so we can get them together later in the week :)

Rebecca said...

I want to make peppermint play-doh this week too! Did it smell really nice?

Our Little Family said...

You always have THE greatest activities!! And, making play-doh is one of our Advent activities this week. I'm a little nervous, since I've never tried it before. Hopefully it'll turn out good!

Great week you had (and can I just say how CUTE Emily is?!)! :)

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

You've had a busy week! I especially love the Christmas tree paintings. Looks like so much fun!

Susan-Chasing Marcus said...

I have been reading all night about peppermint play dough and I think I might need to make some this week.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Susan! I need to make some of the peppermint play dough. I love the Santa handprints!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Ooh, too bad that I didn't know about Christmas card exchange. Maybe next year :) Your week sounds lovely with so many beautiful projects. I agree the babies are getting really big!

Mama King said...

So many great projects!

Elise said...

Hi Michelle

You always manage to do so many fun and creative activities throughout the week and I love hearing all about them.

Juliette is growing so quickly. Baby time seems to fly! It's great that you and Sarah can get together and make so many wonderful projects - what fun.

Peppermint play doh - what a treat to play with.

We have not tried any salad spinner art yet, but it is on our list of activities to do.

tricia stirling said...

Thankyou for visiting my blog, and thanks to you and Emily for the sweet christmas card!
tot school looks delightful. I think I might have to attempt whipping up some peppermint play-do this afternoon!


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