Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sorting Fun ~ Circles and Triangles

Cut and Paste Circle and Triangle Picture Sort

Since the Plant and Animal Picture Sort went so well I couldn’t wait to make another one for Emily.  We have been doing a shape study with our Art Group so I thought it would be fun to make a shape picture sort for Emily.  I found pictures of every day objects that were either shaped like a circle or triangle for this activity.


First, I printed out the  Circle and Triangle Pictures(click to download the one I made) and then Emily got to work cutting each one out.  As she was working on it we talked about each picture.  Emily was familiar with all of the pictures.  It is fun to see how excited she gets when she sees things that she likes in these activities. IMG_3326

After Emily cut the pictures out she placed them on the construction paper that I labeled for her and got to work gluing them down.

 IMG_3373 Emily’s Finished Project!


I am planning on make more of these since they are great cutting and sorting practice and Emily really enjoys doing them. 

What Cut and Paste Picture Sort should I make next???  Leave your ideas in the comments and you just may find in on my next post!!!


sbswtp said...

We did this activity will see it in our school post..linked back to you of course..i am please to say that ryleigh LOVED cutting out the shapes as well... I would love you to make some hot/cold soft/hard indoors/outdoors... seasons fruit/veggies...i really could go on and on...:) Love your printables :)

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

My daughter really just likes to make her own cut and paste. She just has at the paper with the scissors and then glues like a mad woman. She is something! :)


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