Thursday, May 27, 2010

stART ~ One Watermelon Seed

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I added a stART tab in my navigation bar to make it easier to search for past stART projects. Be sure to check it out!! All the books that we have read and did a stART project for are listed in alphabetical order.


We have been doing a lot of planting and our seeds are starting to grow into some nice big plants.  During our last trip to the library we borrowed the book One Watermelon Seed, by Celia Barker Lottridge.  This is a  beautifully illustrated gardening counting book.  The story starts with two children planting their garden with one watermelon seed, and then two pumpkin seeds all the way to 10 seeds.  Finally they harvest 10 watermelons and then 20 pumpkins and so on.  I loved the concept that just a few seeds could give us such an abundance of wonderful fruits and vegetables! 

Since we have been talking about and growing plants Emily has been asking a lot of questions about them.   She was very curious about the parts of the plants, especially the roots.  We grew some bean plants in a clear cup so  that she was able to see the roots growing in the soil, and I am hoping to do a germination bag with her this week too.  But, for our art project she created a flower which showed all the different parts.

First, I drew some roots at the bottom of a white piece of paper with a white crayon.IMG_3619

Then I gave Emily some crayons and had her draw a flower, she was not in a good mood and did not want to draw so she scribbled a blob (flower) and then asked for help.  I told her we would do the flower a different way and not to worry about it, this made her happy and we were able to continue with the project.


Next she used brown water colors to color in the soil, this made the roots magically appear at the bottom of the page.  She was SO excited when this happened and kept saying “Mommy look the roots the roots!!”


When she finished with the soil, she water colored the sky blue.


Finally I gave her a bean for the seed,  a construction paper stem, leaves and flower and a circle sticker to create her flower out of.  She was much happier with this flower!


Emily’s finished flower with magic roots :)


Christy Killoran said...

Great idea!

maggy, red ted art said...

Oh how lovely! LIke the idea of drawing the WHOLE flower... and doing a plant in a see through container!! Super idea. Trouble we would have with this book, is that our seedlings have not done very well this year and Red Ted MAY be disappointed if we don't get 20 squashes! LOL. Thank you again for hosting!


Anonymous said...

I love the multi-media flower and bean with the roots. What a fun design.

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

We just got this book from the library! I thought the story could be better, but I loved the bright illustrations. We'll see how it goes over with my little one. Cute craft! Love the roots. :)

Tamara said...

What a lovely activity! I love it!

Ticia said...

I love this! I'm sure she loved it too.

Unknown said...

ijust wanted to let you know...I did a post about your StART idea today :)

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I like the story behind the craft - how you gracefully recovered it from looming disaster :) It turned out great.

Jenny said...

I LOVE the magic roots. Good job on the recovery! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the magic roots. Very nice activity.

Anonymous said...

oo very cute!! Love the "magic roots"

April said...

It came out so pretty! Im glad that her mood improved after doing the art. That happens sometimes with my daughter.

Charlene Juliani said...

I Love the magic roots...such a cute idea (might have to borrow that one sometime).

Thanks for starting this blog hop...I've only done it twice now, but I love all the great craft projects and book suggestions :)

Brimful Curiosities said...

That is a super idea to use the watercolor wash to depict roots. I also love to grow plants in clear containers so that the kids can see the roots. My daughter sometimes gets upset with her drawings and scribbles, too.

Debbie said...

I love her flower picture! I am going to have to look for this book.

Amy (Super Healthy Kids) said...

Your painting project turned out great! I love the white crayon showing through. And a PS, I"ve never seen the thumbnail link up before! It's awesome!


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