Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Emily found this Mets shirt and decided she had to wear it, I remembered that Juliette had one too so of course Daddy needed a picture with his two little girls supporting his favorite baseball team!!! 


Lets go Mets


Amy said...

Very cute! Though we are a Cardinals family ourselves. ;)My husbands favorite picture is of he and our son taken from behind as they were both walking in their red Albert Pujols t-shirts holding hands.

Annette W. said...

Fun and cute! We are also Mets fans, though we're in PA.

Anonymous said...

so cute!!

Katie said...

Oh NO!!! Well I think we can still talk and be friends...normally I don't have an issue with the Mets but they just trounced us (Tigers) in this series!


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