Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stick It

This is one of the first activities that I did with Emily when she was a baby/toddler.  She was not that impressed with it, but this is just another example of how different my two little girls are because Juliette LOVED it!

Juliette Art Project

I taped a piece of clear  contact paper on the tray of Juliette’s highchair and gave her pieces of paper from our scrap box.  I showed her how to put the pieces on to the paper and how they stuck to it.  She got to work right away, she put them on then pulled them off and moved them around.  This project is also great fine motor skill practice.  It  is also one of the first activities that she has spent a really long time working at and it thrilled me to pieces!


Once she was finished I pressed the contact paper onto a piece of construction paper and cut around the edge of it.  We chose yellow since according to Emily that is Juliette’s favorite color.    


Phyllis said...

We did this with tissue paper scraps and then folded the contact paper and it made a pretty suncatcher.

April said...

My daughter likes this activity! We did it for this weeks stART project. No word from my (almost) 4 month old son if he will like it or not.

sbswtp said...

Yay!!! Excellent job Juliette :)

Paperliciousgirls said...

I am a new follower to your blog! You have so many cute ideas, I will definitely be trying some at home!!! Thanks for sharing!

Monica said...

So cute! I like the idea of putting it onto contact paper. And I laughed about the color thing, because my older son often tells us about his brother's preferences too.

Anonymous said...

That's great! Isn't it funny how different sisters can be? =)

Lynn said...

I really need to buy some contact paper! I always think that when I see the fun things that other moms do with it. I think my son would still enjoy this at 2 1/2, and I host an all ages craft club once/month that it would be great for too, maybe with a color or holiday scheme. Thanks :)

RedTedArt said...

Oh clever girl! Isn't it amazing how differnt they all are?! A good reminder to keep trying different things and the same things again, as sometimes the like it a little while later!

Can't wait for Pip Squeak to have a go!!


Andie said...

I LOVE this!
I've been wanting to do some projects with my 17 month old twins, and this is so cute! I am now following you :)

I'm a new(er) mommy blogger, and found you on a side trip from the Thirsty Thursday blog hop. What a great way to discover new blogs :)

(I would love to be followed back!

Anonymous said...

What a great first activity!! I love the finished project!


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