Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Open Ended Art ~ Painting with Pinecones

We have a beautiful pine tree in our backyard and had a great time collecting a bucket full of pine cones one day in the fall before it got to cold to play outside.  We recently had a great time painting with some of the dried out pine cones during our Art Group.
This was a fun Open Ended Art project and Sensory Activity.  It was fun to see how each child in the group approached this project.  Some rolled the pine cone, some tapped it on the paper and some didn’t want to do it at all. 
Aunt Christina helping Juliette
Juliette’s Pine Cone Paining
Emily rolled, rubbed and tapped hers all over the paper.
Emily’s Pine Cone Painting

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Rebecca said...

These came out so neat! What a great idea!

April said...

We did some pine cone printing a few weeks back...my daughter said it was too pokey lol. Love all of the colors you used.

sbswtp said...

I love to see Juliette doing art now :) So much fun!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

oo these look lovely!


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