Sunday, January 23, 2011

Having Fun Learning

Our Week Having Fun Learning Together!!!

Emily is 47 months old and Juliette is 18 months old

This week we played a lot of games.  Both Emily and Juliette are still enjoying all the new toys that we received for Christmas.  Juliette is joining in on a lot of the  activities we do now.  She loves reading books and playing with Emily and we are able to do a lot more now. 

Emily and Juliette worked on an Open Ended  Silver and Blue Collages during our Art Group

IMG_7149I put glue on the paper for Juliette and she covered it with the different collage pieces. IMG_7150Emily worked on her collage all by herself.  She really liked these Crayola Twistables Slick Stix.  They are really creamy and glide across the paper.    IMG_7170

Our Winter Sensory Tub has been a big hit all week.  There had been a lot of practice tonging, scooping, filling and dumping.

IMG_7155Juliette loves markers and usually scribbles with them at least once a day.   IMG_7197

Emily working on her Care Bear workbook.  She matched the opposites, circled which had fewer and which had more.  She also practiced listening to directions.

IMG_7179For our stART project we made colorful coffee filter snowflakes after reading Snip, Snip…SNOW! IMG_7182 Emily loved using the spray bottle to blend the colors.IMG_7187

We also had a lot of fun dancing around with them.  Check this post for the fun action song we sang!


Juliette loves pushing the pegs out of the Melissa & Doug Sort and Snap Color Match .  She puts the pieces in and then flips it over and pushes them out.     IMG_7219

We made some Whoopie Pies.  Juliette slept through the baking and woke up just in time to help us ice them!!IMG_7232

Emily and Juliette both love playing Zingo .  We have played it almost every day this week.  I was shocked when I realized that Juliette is actually playing the game.  I originally had her on my lap and figured I would just let her help me put the tiles on the card.  To my surprise, when a tile came out that I needed she grabbed it before me!  You would think it was a coincidence, but she continued to do it.  She would get so excited when a tile came out that she needed.  It was even more amazing that she does not even seem to be looking at her card and studying it.  I love that we have a game that all 4 of us can really play together!!


We got our nephew a remote control car for his birthday and Emily, Juliette and Daddy had a great time playing with it.  (Yes, that is my nephew in the bottom right hand corner playing with Emily’s Camera, while the girls take over his car!)


Emily and her cousin played Trouble.  This game is great for number recognition,  counting and one-to-one correspondence.  Both kids really enjoyed playing it…the pop-o-matic bubble definitely makes it a lot of fun to play!

Our favorite books from this week:

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Monica said...

Lots of fun! We have the snap-n-match thing to and I like the idea of giving it to a younger toddler without the paper background. And isn't amazing when you realize that someone so young is understanding a game... How fun to be able to play all together.

Basia - United Teaching said...

Your girls are adorable. I am about to introduce real simple board games to my son. I hope he has the patience to finish a game like Trouble!

RockerMom said...

I think I'll add Trouble to Robbie's birthday list. Thanks for sharing!!
... off to google zingo

Heather said...

I love the Zingo game, might have to buy that one for the family. I am going to check out the snow book and do the coffee filter this week- so easy and fun! Thanks for the great ideas.

Unknown said...

I happened upon your blog and wanted to say that I enjoyed your week wrap up. I can tell that your blog is full of great ideas and Im always looking for new things to do with my son. Thank you!


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