Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Fun List ~ Outdoor Oobleck

We are having so much fun completing the activities on our Summer Fun List.  I was watching my nephew and he read over our list and said he really wanted to do Outdoor Oobleck with us and that is just what we did.


I originally intended on filling a small baby pool with Oobleck, but I was really not sure how much cornstarch I would need to do that, I got five boxes and figured we could see how much that would make.  Once I got the boxes home I realized that we would need a smaller container for the Oobleck than I thought.   I was happy to find this under the bed storage bin in the shed which worked really well.   It probably could have used a few more boxes, but now we know for next time!

I dumped all 5 boxes into the bin and then added about 2 small buckets of water.  The recipe is 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part water.  We also added green food coloring which left all of our hands a lovely tinge of green :0)


Outdoor Oobleck Fun!!!

IMG_8622The kids wore their bathing suits so that they could play in the Oobleck and then rinse it off in the pool.  

I hope to do this again with a few more boxes of cornstarch since we discovered that Oobleck is very relaxing for adults to play with too!


Phyllis said...

We love Oobleck, too! Dip your feet in it on a hot day. Ahhhh...

April said...

I am going to have to make it with cornstarch one of these days. I made it with Borax before but then I was informed that it was toxic so I have to try it again!

Emma @ Our Whimsical Days said...

Ooh, we've never made such a big batch before! Looks like fun!


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