Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Fun List ~ Water Balloons


We were able to cross water balloons off of our Summer Fun List!!

The kids and grownups had so much fun getting wet and keeping cool on a warm summer day by tossing water balloons around.

IMG_8418   Daddy, Aunt Jennifer and Mommy filled up lots and lots of water balloons, with the help of the kids too.  We were actually able to fill their blue step 2 sink up to the top.

IMG_8428 On the run with a full water balloon!


Emily and our neighbor tossed the balloons to each other waiting to see who it would soak.

IMG_8422 My favorite picture from the day was Emily’s Cousin trying to break a water balloon over her head :0)

1 comment:

April said...

I loved water balloons when I was a little girl. I bought a pack but haven't started using them yet!


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