Friday, September 16, 2011

Field Trip Fun ~ Suffolk County Farm and Education Center

We went to the Suffolk County Farm and Education Center with Cousin Brianna and Aunt Jayme and my friend Sarah.  This is a real working farm with lots of animals to pet and feed.  Sarah arranged for us to have educator take us on a tractor ride and guided tour which was really nice.  While we were there we were able to see the farmers working and ask them questions too.  The coolest thing about this farm is that although we had to pay for the tractor ride and tour anyone can come and just visit it for FREE!  They sell the food for the petting area, but you can just come and walk around and look at the animals any time. 


Buckled up and Ready to go!! 

IMG_0024 Welcome to the farm :)IMG_9916 The girls and me on the tractor ride.

IMG_9924 Our Tractor driver.

IMG_9920 IMG_9921

Emily and Juliette taking in the sites of the farm from the tractor ride.

We saw…



IMG_9919  lhamas,




pigs, goats and cows.

Next we went to the petting area where the kids could pet the animals and also feed them.


Juliette liked looking at them at first.


Emily LOVED feeding them!


Once of the goats needed to be moved from one pen to another so we were able to help, while he was walking the kids were able to feed and pet him.  It was nice that they were able to get so close to him.

IMG_9943IMG_9946IMG_9950  Juliette and I fed one of the little goats.  I was so happy that she finally gave it a try.  After that we fed a lot more together!IMG_0005

This cow was moved into the pen of the goat we helped move.  He had a hurt leg.

IMG_0002 This is one of the chickens from the chicken pen.  The kids were also able to see a fresh laid egg.IMG_0006 The last animal we saw was a cute lop eared rabbit.IMG_0008IMG_0010IMG_0016The girls had fun playing in the Nature Explore Classroom, there were lots of fun things to play on.  They really enjoyed the tree trunk climbing structures.IMG_0022We finished the day with a picnic lunch under a covered arbor house.  It was the perfect end to a fun filled farm day!  IMG_0025

The farm really tired them out, all three fell asleep for the whole ride home!

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sbswtp said...

Love it!! I am so glad that you were able to come with us!!!


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