Sunday, September 18, 2011

Having Fun Learning

Having Fun Learning Together This Week!!!

Emily is 4.5 years old and Juliette is 26 months old

This has been a busy week as we started getting ready for the beginning of school.  Emily is very excited to go to pre-school this year.  And I am very excited for all of the activities we will be doing at home together too!  Emily knows all of her letters and can count to 50 (further with a little help).  She knows many sight words and is beginning to actually sound out words to read cvc words.   Right now she really wants to read and I am going to go with that.  Every day she seems to get better and better so that is where our focus with be in the coming weeks.

Juliette is showing more and more interest in doing the same things as Emily.  She will sit with us and do a easier version of Emily’s project or activity.  She can count to 12 and knows most of her colors. She is also learning how to use scissors too.  After watching Emily she decided she needed to give it a try, and just like Emily she was able to do it almost perfectly on her first try.  I gave her a long strip of paper and held it as she practiced opening an closing the scissors to cut the strips.


Emily had her first day of Pre-K this week!  She had a great time and made some new friends. 

At home this week we had fun learning about the farm with our  Farm Theme


Emily worked on the puzzle pages of her farm puzzle book.  This book has information about different farm animals on one page and then a 12 piece puzzle on the other page.


Juliette worked on her puzzles too.  We love these  Melissa & Doug Deluxe Farm in a Box Jigsaw Puzzles.  Juliette worked on each one.  She was able to do them by herself, and would ask me to help every once in awhile.


Emily enjoyed them too.  To make it a little harder, she mixed all of the pieces together and did each puzzle.


We had a wonderful trip to the Suffolk County Farm and Educational Center in Yaphank, New York.  This is a real working farm and the girls were able to go on a tractor ride and feed the animals.  You can read more about our visit here.

IMG_9899I put together a book basket and put all of our farm books together in it.  The girls loved looking through it and even brought a bunch of the books to their table to read.


For our stART project we read Moo, Moo, Peekaboo! and Emily drew a farm picture with her craypas.


Emily enjoyed doing this Read and Stamp activity.  It incorporated Math, Reading and Fine Motor Skills practice into a fun activity.

IMG_0067    We picked some more carrots and tomatoes from our garden. The girls love eating the things that we grew and get so excited when they are ready to be picked.


During Art Group we explored watercolors.  The girls painted with liquid watercolors and then we covered them with plastic wrap to create an interesting effect.  We learned that you can not saturate the paper or it does not work as well, but they still had fun painting.


While Emily was at school Juliette and I had time to work together.  I tried out this pipe cleaner and colander activity that I saw on Pinterest.  She loved it!  The holes in my colander was really small and I thought she would have trouble with it, but she was so focused.  Not only was this a great fine motor activity, we also talked about the different colors she was using and where she was placing them.  “You are putting the brown pipe cleaner next to the blue pipe cleaner.” 

We had a great week, and I love getting back into a routine!

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The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

what a fun week! I saw the pipe cleaner activity as well and can't wait to try it out!

Phyllis said...

Look at all of that activity! Lovely, busy week of learning.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun for you and your girls.

Tracey M. said...

My son loves doing puzzles too! Your farm visit sounds great. A nice full week.

Lulu said...

Oh I will have to look out for a farm around here to go visit- I am sure my boys would love it!

Good luck to your older daughter with starting her schooling journey outside of the house! I am sure she will have a great time!

Looks like a fun week!


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