Monday, September 19, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday

This week for Muffin Tin Monday the girls had slightly different lunches.  Over the weekend Emily and I made Cream Cheese Kicker dip to bring to a party.  To my surprise Emily really enjoyed this dip so I was very happy that I saved a little bit of it for us to have later.  She was very happy to see that it was in her Muffin Tin Lunch, and was even happier to use her little knife to spread it on her own crackers!  Since Juliette did not like the dip she had pieces of American Cheese to put on her crackers.

Juliette had crackers, cheese, grapes and a Mallowmars
Emily had Cream Cheese Kicker Dip and crackers to spread it on, grapes and a Mallomars
 Emily enjoyed spreading her own dip on the crackers so this turned out to be a great practical life activity too.  It is so cute because she is always looking for reasons to use her little knife.  

In the background Juliette was really enjoying her Mallomars!


Unknown said...

The dip sounds great! How wonderful to get to spread it out all by herself!

Unknown said...
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