Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Costume Fun 2011

Emily the Peacock

IMG_0760 Since last Halloween, Emily decided that she was going to be a Peacock.  We had a lot of fun making her costume.  She wore a pair of brown leggings and brown boots.  Then she wore a hooded sweatshirt (it actually has Ariel on the front of it) and a long sleeved teal shirt (to hide Ariel).  I made her feather fan from a piece of foam core board, which I covered in felt half circles in different shades of yellow and bright green.  Then I glued the peacock feathers to stick over the top.  The feather fan stayed on with elastic that I sewed into a circle and threaded through 2 holes in the middle of the foam core board so she could wear it like a backpack.  Finally I made an alligator clip for the head feathers.  I covered it in teal ribbon then hot glued 3 pipe cleaners to the middle and then hot glued pieces of black and blue feathers.

We were stopped throughout the night by other trick-or-treaters of all ages to comment on how cute her costume was!

Juliette the Ladybug


IMG_0813I am not sure how we decided that Juliette was going to be a ladybug, however the whole month of October if you asked her what she was going to be she knew and answered “a ladybug!”

My mom and I sewed the wings for her costume out of felt and used elastic to attach them over her arms like a back pack too.  She wore a black long-sleeved onesie and black leggings with black socks and shoes.  I knew she would never wear a headband for the antenna so I lined 2 alligator clips with black ribbon and hot glued a pipe cleaner to each one.  Then I rolled the top of the pipe cleaner into a ball.  She loves clips so they stayed on the whole day without any problem.

She loved wearing her costume.  I love that we can now add it to our dress up collection.

  Trick or Treating 

IMG_0821 The girls loved being able to pick their own candy at the different houses!IMG_0823

Waiting to yell “Trick-or-Treat”

IMG_0817Cousin Brianna the Cat walking with Juliette…they had so much fun together!


Off to the next house for more treats!!


Once we got home Emily couldn’t wait for Daddy to dump all of her candy on top of her, I think this will be a yearly picture!!

IMG_0831      Then Emily sorted all of her candy!

(I used to love doing the same thing with my candy when I was little too)

Happy Halloween!!!

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