Sunday, October 9, 2011

Having Fun Learning

Having Fun Learning Together This Week!!!

Emily is 4.5 years old and Juliette is 26 months old

This week I started watching my nephew who is only 2 months old.  He will be with us 3 days a week so this first week we spent just getting used to having a baby in the house again!    Emily and Juliette loved helping out with him and showing him with lots of love, hugs and kisses too.  I love that Juliette is getting to experience helping out with a baby the way that Emily did around her age.

While he was napping we were able to fit in some activities, hopefully we will be able to keep up the momentum with all the things we have started and are working on :)


The girls enjoyed making Mini Apple Pies.

IMG_0282IMG_0283 IMG_0284IMG_0285We  made some leaf prints.  Emily was really into this and picked the leaves she wanted and the colors that she wanted.  Juliette did a few with my help.  She was excited after the first one and then she wanted me to help and then she would rather just play.  IMG_0297Emily Played Memory, What’s Missing?  This is great practice for paying attention to details.  Emily seemed to like the change from the regular game, even though she didn’t always get it right she still wanted to play. IMG_0309

We discovered a Giant Green Squash in our garden.  We thought the vine was a Pumpkin and were very excited to find this!

IMG_0293  For our stART project we read Who Hoots? and made paper plate owls. IMG_0337Our fall sensory bin minus the silk leaves was a huge hit this week.  They asked me to take them out right away, but they loved scooping and pouring with the split peas and popping corn.IMG_0339 IMG_0340 Emily decided that she would sort the split peas and popping corn!IMG_0343

Emily used apple stickers to make her own patterns.

IMG_0346 We used our domino set to make matches.  She loved being able to match every one and see what design it made.IMG_0350 Emily colored in the faces for the apples in the Apple Happy Poem.  I plan on doing a poem like this each week so that she can add it into a poetry notebook.  She loved reading it after we were finished.

IMG_0353 Juliette wanted to make smiley faces.  I made one for her and she kept trying to copy it.  So far she made a circle shape with lots of dots inside for the eyes and nose and mouth.  She was so excited and I was very proud of her!  At the bottom of the paper she was trying to write her name.  She was asking me to help her.  I guess she sees Emily writing and drawing pictures so she wants to do it too!IMG_0355Juliette liked making pictures with different shapes with  The Learning Journey Match It (Shape Shuffle)  activity.  We talked about the colors and she shapes as she was working. IMG_0375

Using a real knife to cut apples was definitely the highlight of Emily’s week.  We made a regular sized apple pie for dessert and Emily loves trying to use her little knife to cut things.  I said she could help me with her little knife, however once she started to try to use it I noticed it was way to dull and was actually afraid she would get more hurt using that knife.  She did a great job cutting the apples in half for me!

Juliette did a few with my help, but I was obviously unable to get a picture since I wanted to make sure she kept all of her cute little fingers :)

IMG_0378 IMG_0376Both Emily and Juliette were also excited to help with slicing and coring the apples.  They each tried one apple.  Emily did it all by herself, Juliette needed my help as soon as I finished taking the picture. We pushed down on it together.  These were both great practical life skills that I hope to practice with them more often.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a full week!
I really like your leaf print activity. What a great way to experience leaves and be hands on. I also love the look on your younger daughter's face in the garden. Priceless!

Charlene Juliani said...

Looks like a lot of the owls and the leaf prints.

You should join me on my new kids activity linky party (it's brand new and I would some participation). Come check it out at Adventures In Mommy Land.

You always do so many wonderful things with your girls.

La-La's Home Daycare said...

So much fun! Great activities!

Unknown said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun and learned a lot too!


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