Sunday, September 6, 2009

Simply Made Sunday ~ Playdough Cookies


This week we made Play Dough Cookies that looked like giant multi-colored lollipops!
Emily helped me make the dough by dumping the ingredients into the bowl. She also likes to help me hold the mixer!
After the dough chilled in the freezer for awhile we took it out to make our cookies!
I took a small piece of each color and made it into a ball.
Emily rolled the ball into a long snake.
We had to add a lot of flour to make it not stick to our hands. I think I will try this again with a different sugar cookie recipe.

We coiled the snake into a circle and then stuck a lollipop stick into it.

Our cookies are ready for the oven.
We didn't use all of the was so messy I decided to do the rest later.

Emily loved her cookies!

The dough was very sticky, but the idea was amazing. Emily loved rolling the dough into snakes...I am hoping my own sugar cookie recipe will work better the next time we try these!
If you try it and have a recipe that works well I would love to hear about it :0)


Sherry said...

Very cute!

Christy Killoran said...

They look really good.

The Activity Mom said...

ooh I like these! They look great. Good job

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

This is really neat.

Mama Jenn said...

What a cute idea!!! I think we will have to try these!!!

Crystal said...

What a cool idea. This looks like a lot of fun and who doesn't like cookies.

Susana said...

Ooooh! We did these a couple months back in different colors. They were so much fun to make!

I really like the colors you chose--so bright.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Wow, what a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing - it looks like so much fun.

April said...

They look like fun! That will be my dream come true when my daughter gets to help me make cookies!


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