Thursday, September 24, 2009

stART ~ The Teddy Bears' Picnic

A Story + Art = A Great stART!
Welcome to stART! I hope that you will enjoy our book and art project and maybe even share your own too! For an explanation of stART click here.

We read the book The Teddy Bears' Picnic. This is a children's book illustrated by Renate Kozikowski for the song written by John Walter Bratton in 1907, with lyrics added in 1932 by the songwriter Jimmy Kennedy. Earlier in the week we had a Muffin Tin Monday Picnic after reading the book. We talked about the foods that Emily would like to take on a picnic too. Since we have also been working on the letter Aa I thought it would be fun to make a picnic blanket with all of Emily's favorite foods and some cute little finger print ants too! This project took us a few days to finish, but Emily had a great time working on each part.

First Emily painted some paper with red water color paint. Before she painted the paper I made it "Magic" paper by coloring squares in a checker board pattern with white crayon.
While we waited for the very wet paper to dry Emily colored in the foods she would like to eat at her picnic.

I cut the paper into strips and had Emily practice cutting the strips in apart.
Emily glued the foods onto the picnic blanket paper.
I helped Emily make fingerprints with black paint to look like ants. Here she is trying it on her own!

When the ants dried I let Emily use a marker to make their legs.

Emily's Ant Picnic!

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Susana said...

I love everything you did with this! The cutting practice, her fingerprint ants, and the way the painting looks like a picnic table cloth.

Super idea!! She had fun too:-). We've never read this book, thanks for sharing it!

The Activity Mom said...

Wow! What an awesome stART project! She seems really focused on it which is great!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Great picnic blanket! Emily is such a persistent girl to return to this project for several days.

Sherry said...

Thats a great project!

Ticia said...

So very very cute! I love teddy bear's picnic

Debbie said...

What a cute idea! I just love how Emily was so focused all the way through the project! Great Job Emily!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I like the project for this book - another great idea! We checked this book out from the library a few months ago and M didn't like it all - he was going through a stage where everything was scary for some reason. I might try it again sometime and see if he would like to do a project like Emily's. Thanks for the idea!

Izzie, Mac & Me said...

This is such a cute idea! I know Izzie would enjoy having a picnic too!

April said...

I love your blog and your weekly themes (I am such a theme person). Apples last week, teddy bears this week. I like how your incorporate books, art projects, and cooking all together. I think it really helps with reinforcement. And Emily always looks like such a hard worker in the photos, so cute!

Nancy M. said...

Another great idea! She did an awesome job! Emily must really love all these fun activities!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Really cute - she did a great job with the ants.

Goat Gal said...

Oh what a very cool idea! I love this whole concept! I will hopefully be able to plan a stART activity next week.

sbswtp said...

This came out great!!!!! Our "school" is starting next week, so I should have a stART project to link up then :)

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Awww.. this is darling! What a fun book and craft project!

Nadia said...

gorgeous project!! you taught a lot of things in this project, great job

Katie from ABC&123: A Learning Cooperative said...

How cute, she does a really good job coloring and cutting!


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