Sunday, September 13, 2009


Tot School
Our week in TOTSchool

Emily is 2 1/2 years old

Emily helped mash bananas for banana bread.

We went to the Holtsville Ecology Center with Aunt Jayme and Uncle Jonathan

We saw a pig, peacocks,chickens and an eagle.

We saw a Llama, buffalo, cows, bears, and horses.

Emily was able to feed the goats.

Emily cut up paper for our Open Ended Art Project

Emily made a paper mosaic.
This was great practice making little dots of glue and fine motor skills .

We went to the Nassau County Museum of Art Mini Art Museum for Children to see the Alice in Wonderland Exhibit. This was Emily's first trip to an art museum. This was part of our stART project. Since before we went to the museum we read the book Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland, by Jon Scieszka.

Emily made an ocean treasure keeper for our Unplugged Project.

We will use this when we go on our church retreat at the beach next month.

We made granola bars from The Toddler Cookbook, by Annabel Karmel

Emily had a great time hanging out with Juliette this week. She loves kissing her and talking to her about the things she does. Juliette is so much more aware now and smiles and coos at Emily which she loves!

Emily played with the Ladybug Counting Felt that I made for her.

Emily loves to pretend and we spent a lot of time playing make believe this week. It is fun to see what a great imagination she has!

I am looking forward to getting into more of a routine with a few more structured activities in the coming weeks. We will be focusing on more specific goals. For now we are enjoying impromptu life learning.

We went to the library twice this week and have a huge pile of books that we are working our way through.

Our favorite books from this week:

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Denise said...

Impromptu life learning is great! Emily had so many awesome experiences this week!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Some of your books are our favorites too. It's amazing to see how much you manage to do in one week. I also really enjoy watching Anna engaged in her pretend play.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Emily is such a busy little girl and always looks so sweet! I love the serious look she has on her face so often. :) What a great idea to cook with her!

Jess said...

The ladybug counting activity is so cute! :) I did one like it a few weeks ago with seahorses.


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