Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Little Copy Cat

Let Me See Your Tongue!

This is probably Juliette's favorite game and it is so simple. She loves to copy! To play I just sit in front of her and make faces, stick out my tongue and say "Hello." She tries to copy almost all of the time even since she was only a few days old. Sometimes she actually sounds like she is saying "Hello" her mouth actually moves the way you would if you were saying it! Emily even likes to get in on the fun now and stick her tongue out to get Juliette to copy her.

Here is a clip of Juliette sticking out her tongue, I ask her where her tongue is and also show her mine. Usually by the third try she copies me.


Rachel said...

So cute!

And, my little guy has that same seat. :)

Following In My Shoes

April said...

Aww, I remember when my little girl would copy us. I have her on video sticking her tongue out at my husband. So sweet!


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